23.09.2021–26.09.2021 The Image Generator Kunsthal Extra City

Christian Bakalov, Meryem Bayram, Hans Beckers, David Bergé, Luca Dal Vignale, Aymeric Ebrard, Kevin Fay, Agnese Forlani, Malena Guerrieri, Kinga Jaczewska, Feng Li, Locu & Ruth, Raphael Malfliet, Sara Manente, Jasper Rigole, Gwendoline Robin, Wang Tianjiao, Luca Vanello, Myriam Van Imschoot, Marc Vanrunxt, Leon Vranken

The Image Generator is a four-day festival that explores the borders between visual art, performance and sound art. Six organisations and some twenty artists explore the richness that the cross-pollination between image, sound and movement can bring about. So, expect interactive installations, dance interventions and soundscapes that will take your imagination in tow.

The fourth edition of this festival takes place at Kunsthal Extra City. Parallel to the new exhibition 'Fabrics of Nature', the programme brings together very different projects by both renowned and beginning artists, who each in their own way experiment with new ways of relating to each other and to our environment.

The Image Generator is a collaboration between:
Kunsthal Extra City, Platform 0090, M HKA , Kunst/Werk, ChampdAction and In Situ3 / KASKA

Full programme & more info: