27.01.2021–27.11.2021 Silence & Space Axel Vervoordt Gallery

Group exhibition

“Silence gives space its heaviness; silence makes space audible. In such spaces we feel that our senses are finely tuned.”
Heinz Mack, 1961

Silence is generally perceived as an absence of sound. By sheer contrast, silence can take the shape of a real presence and possibility, becoming significant in itself. Much like a music composer uses pauses between notes to transform the empty spaces into significant silence, the French poet Stéphane Mallarmé asserted that a poem needed to be seen as a composite made up of words taken in conjunction with the blank spaces between them. A white canvas can be charged with meaning in the very same way. Moreover, it is the precondition for meaning to emerge. The negative space and silence can take on heightened significance and become an embodied silence. The notion of silence in the visual arts can only be apprehended in a metaphoric sense; as stillness and serenity or as slow-motion lines and subdued colour.