17.09.2021–23.10.2021 #FFFF00 ZEIT

Karin Beyens, Erik Haemers, Félix Hannaert, Wouter Hoste, Jef Meyer, Elke Van Kerckvoorde, Axelle Vertommen, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Utz Kampmann, Walter Leblanc, Otto Piene, Remo Remotti, Jules Schmalzigaug, Gilbert Swimberghe, Guy Vandenbranden, Paul Van Hoeydonck, José Maria Yturralde

ZEIT celebrates the start of the new season with an explosion of colour, and one colour in particular: yellow. From Vincent Van Gogh and Piet Mondriaan over Mark Rothko to Yayoi Kusama and Wolfgang Laib, they all have or had a fascination for the brightest of colours.

We bring a wide selection of works and items in which yellow is a dominant factor, ranging from a pastel on paper by Jules Schmalzigaug made during WWI to recent work by a few of our favourite contemporary artists.

The summer of 2021 wasn’t very bright, let’s make up for it with a golden autumn.

expo 6


you gotta say yes to another excess


Preview: Thursday 16 September, 5 to 9 pm