23.09.2021–09.01.2022 Fabrics of Nature Kunsthal Extra City

Aymeric Ebrard, Agnese Forlani & Jackson Shallcross-Platt, Feng Li, Gwendoline Robin, Luca Vanello, Leon Vranken, Luca Dal Vignale

Fabrics of Nature is a thematic exhibition dealing with our (in)ability to relate to nature. Rather than experiencing nature as something we are part of, we cope with it. Western society explicitly distinguished itself from it and now the whole world faces the consequences of this attitude. For some of the artists in this exhibition this results in a nostalgic longing, others turn to a (utopian) post-industrialist world where nothing new is produced and all is recycled. In any case, dystopian collapse is always near.

Surprisingly it is the tactile quality of surfaces that takes centre stage. Fabrics, plants, plaster and textiles are becoming skin and invite you to engage or touch. As if they are begging to be noticed and caressed. The works of the seven artists in this exhibition are not only housed in the former Dominican chapel but have found their way organically through the hallway and into the monastery garden, eventually turning towards the sky as their last resort.

Curated by Joachim Naudts.

This exhibition is partly curated from the artists involved in the fourth edition of The Image Generator. This four-day happening takes place in Kunsthal Extra City from September 23rd until 26th.